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What We Do

EMLab P&K is a high quality Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) laboratory specializing in microbial analysis (molds, fungi, bacteria and other bioaerosols) and in environmental analysis including: asbestos analysis, USP 797 testing, PCR testing, radon analysis, and indoor allergen testing. Our clients include industrial hygienists, laboratories, hospitals, public health departments, professional service firms and other IAQ professionals.

Becoming Familiar with this site and EMLab P&K

This list of links and descriptions introduce you to the wealth of lab services and resources we have to offer.

Information about EMLab P&K
Lab Services Lists analytical laboratory services we offer, including descriptions and sample reports.
About Us Find a brief overview of EMLab P&K, including a list of key company employees and their qualifications.
LabServe® As an EMLab P&K client, you'll manage your projects, retrieve lab results, view archived reports and much more.
Online Store Purchase or rent testing equipment and sampling supplies online. We offer great prices and fast shipping.
Quality Assurance View our laboratories' accreditations and download our accreditation certificates.
Employment Opportunities Join our industry-leading team.
Information about the IAQ Industry
Sampling Learn why sampling for biological materials is useful, what the appropriate methods are for your application, and other basic information.
Fungal Library EMLab P&K's database of commonly encountered fungal genera. This is a popular resource packed with information.
Resources & Links Links to web sites related to the IAQ industry.