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EMLab P&K’s Atlanta Laboratory Celebrates 2 Years, Supports Region with Mold and Asbestos Analysis

EMLab P&K's Las Vegas Asbestos Testing Lab Now AIHA-LAP, LLC Accredited for Asbestos Analysis

EMLab P&K Hosts IAQ Training Course by Indoor Sciences in Irvine, California

EMLab P&K’s Dr. Harriet Burge and Dave Gallup to Present at Inaugural NAMM Indoor Air Conference

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Member of CDC ELITE Program
The CDC ELITE Program is a proficiency testing program for laboratories to test their Legionella isolation techniques against standardized samples. Use of a suitable isolation protocol is critical for determining whether Legionella are present in a sample and at what concentration. CDC ELITE Lab Certificates:
Phoenix, AZ (14k, pdf)
Chicago, IL (14k, pdf)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL (14k, pdf)
Marlton, NJ (14k, pdf)
Houston, TX (14k, pdf)

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We are looking for qualified asbestos analysts and mycologists nationwide! Learn more about our microbiology and asbestos jobs. Send your resume with cover letter to jobs@emlabpk.com, telling us which IAQ laboratory location you prefer.

Las Vegas Lab Now Accredited for Asbestos PCM

EMLab P&K is the leading commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) testing laboratory in North America. We specialize in lab analysis of air and surface samples for mold, fungi, bacteria, asbestos and allergens including:

Mold testing laboratory
AIHA-LAP LLC Accredited for Mold Lab Analysis, Bacteria Lab Analysis, E. coli Lab Analysis, and Legionella Lab Analysis  
AIHA-LAP LLC Accredited Labs:
Phoenix, AZ (EMLAP #102297) • Glendale, CA (EMLAP #173068) • Orange County, CA (EMLAP #178697) • Sacramento, CA (EMLAP #179768) • So. San Francisco, CA (EMLAP # 102856) • San Diego, CA (EMLAP #160266) • Denver, CO (EMLAP #176649) • Fort Lauderdale, FL (EMLAP #173067) • Atlanta, GA (EMLAP #221504) • Chicago, IL (EMLAP #176641) • Marlton, NJ (EMLAP #103005) • Las Vegas, NV (EMLAP #208900) • Houston, TX (EMLAP #193549) • Fairfax, VA (EMLAP #179623) • Seattle, WA (EMLAP #178599)
Accredited as documented by the Scope of Accreditation Certificate.
NVLAP Accredited Asbestos Laboratory
Asbestos Testing
NVLAP Accredited Asbestos Labs:
• Phoenix, AZ (NVLAP Lab Code 500031-0)
• Glendale, CA (NVLAP Lab Code 200945-0)
• Orange County, CA (NVLAP Lab Code 200757-0)
• So. San Francisco, CA (NVLAP Lab Code 200728-0)
• San Diego, CA (NVLAP Lab Code 500034-0)
• Denver, CO (NVLAP Lab Code 500053-0)
• Fort Lauderdale, FL (NVLAP Lab Code 200738-0)
• Atlanta, GA (NVLAP Lab Code 201060-0)
• Marlton, NJ (NVLAP Lab Code 200844-0)
• Las Vegas, NV (NVLAP Lab Code 500056-0)
• Houston, TX (NVLAP Lab Code 600122-0)
Environmental Laboratory Locations for Mold, Asbestos, Bacteria, Allergens, Radon

Your Indoor Air Quality and Microbiology Laboratory

EMLab P&K supports a full range of IAQ professionals including industrial hygienists, IAQ consultants, environmental specialists, mold remediation and HVAC contractors, hospitals and medical professionals, public health departments, building owners and commercial property managers, engineering and construction firms, and the insurance, real estate and legal professions.

View Complete List of EMLab P&K's Environmental Laboratories.

Mold Testing Laboratory

Our Experience: Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Microbiology Analysis

EMLab P&K specializes in indoor air quality lab analysis including air and surface samples for mold, asbestos, bacteria, and allergens. EMLab P&K helped pioneer today's Indoor Air Quality industry by developing the tools for precise data interpretation, including MoldRange and MoldScore. Our industry-leading scientific team is headed by Dr. Harriet Burge, Director of Aerobiology and Chair of EMLab P&K's Scientific Advisory Board. Our analysts hold college degrees (most with advanced degrees) and participate in ongoing, industry-leading quality assurance and training programs. We are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service, quality, and support.

Contact us to discuss how we may assist with your IAQ and environmental microbiology projects.


When quality and accuracy are critical, rely on EMLab P&K, THE PROVEN LEADER™.